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Advancement in Technology is reshaping the world. A business can be flourishing today and be gone in the next ten years. Our technology group specializes in building out data centers, On-Site or in the Cloud. We also train and advise our clients on trends in the industry to help them reposition for success. Our tutorials on technology is a starter for those that want to always be on top in this ever changing field.



We cannot over emphasize on the power of quality education. For you to have a successful professional career in today's highly competitive market, you need good education. We have collaborated with educationist to provide the best tutorials to make you a champion. Talking of champions! To train a champion you must start early. That's why we have quality content based tutorials starting from primary level to University level. Our categories include;

Our tutorials are organized in a course format for all categories. Our desire is to make education affordable for all. Therefore, we have three options; Silver Series , Gold Series and Diamond Series.



When you travel to a foreign country and be able to communicate in the local language, it gives you and your host a special feeling. Our languages group will organize our tutorials using our assess and refill model. Keep checking on us as we will add more languages to our list below.


Silver Series

Silver Series is simply an assessment for those that just want to assure themselves that they are meeting up to standards. This is the least expensive of our offerings. You get a single assessment that gives you your score at the end. You can decide to upgrade to the Gold Series if your perfomance is below the passing grade.
Test drive a Silver series course.
The cost for Silver Series is ₦500.00

Gold Series

Gold series is the recommended option for most of our clients. You get a standard assessment plus solutions and video tutorials. This option will enable you to review and learn from the detailed solutions and video tutorials provided. After that, you can re-take the assessment again to see your progress.
Test drive a Gold series course.
The cost for Gold Series is ₦1,000.00

Payment Instructions

Please, send sms to 07064485300 email: to request payment account details. You can always pay us a visit at any of our On-Site locations for POS payments. Once your payment is received, Your subscription will be activated.
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